Carnivals Casinos & More Ltd. 
                       342 Pointe Loma Blvd.
                    Lake St. Louis, MO   63367

Office:  (636) 265-2496
Fax:     (636) 265-2496


Contact:   Diane Johnson
Mobile:    (314) 640-6929



Q:  What types of "Authentic Casino Games" do you offer?
A:  Carnivals Casinos and More offers the following games: Blackjack; Roulette; Craps; Poker (Texas Hold 'Em); Red Dog; Poker Dice; Over & Under; Horse Racing Wheel; Big 6 Dice Wheel; and Slot Machines.

Q:  What does "FULL SERVICE" mean?
A:  For all "Full Service" Events, Carnivals Casinos and More provides Professional Costumed Dealers; Cards/Dealing Shoes; Chips; Dice;  Slot Tokens; Gaming Accessories; Delivery/Pick Up and Set Up/ Tear Down. 

Q:  Can I rent the Equipment only?
A:  If you prefer to provide your own Dealers/workers for the Casino Equipment, we can rent any of our equipment for an evening or a weekend.  We can deliver and pick up the rented equipment, 
or you can pick up and return the rented equipment with your own vehicle to save even more  money. Equipment Rentals include all chips; cards and gaming accessories necessary to operate the games.  Pricing varies and is based on the equipment rented, the time frame for the rental and the dates of the rental.

Q:  How much does a "FULL SERVICE" Casino Night cost?
A:  Because Carnivals Casinos and More caters to individual clients needs and we build packages to suit their specific event, group size, time frame and their budgets, giving them the best Event at the most affordable prices, we are not able to set fixed prices on our Events. For more information and specific pricing, please contact Diane at our office at (636) 294-3630.

Q:  How far in advance do I need to reserve a date?
A:  The best time to plan your special Event is as far in advance as possible. If we do not already have an event on the date you are interested in, we are more than willing to work on a somewhat short notice.  However, our busiest times of the year are around the Holidays (New Years; Halloween; Christmas; etc.), and during the Graduation Season.  If you are planning on hosting a special Event for a Holiday Party, Birthday or Anniversary,  the earlier you contact us for availability, the better chance to secure your date.

Q:  Can I host an Event for real money?
A:  Carnivals Casinos & More rents our equipment for "ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES" Only.
No cash is exchanged at any of the events we produce, but your guests can play for fun at the Event, and possibly for prizes you may supply at the end of the Event.  We play with casino style chips, which have no real value (to help make your Event feel more realistic) and our Slot Machines operate on "TOKENS" only.

Q:  Do Casino Nights work well as Fundraisers for my Organization?
A:  Casino Nights are excellent venues for Organizations to raise additional money all while having a fun time doing it.  Please call us to discuss several options available to host your fundraiser and the different ways to raise additional monies.

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